Teacher Suspended For Showing Students ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ In Classroom

May 22, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A West Virginia clergyman has been suspended for a rest of a propagandize year though compensate for display Fifty Shades of Grey to a organisation of students who asked her to uncover it to them as a prerogative for their good work, according to a Charleston Daily Mail.

A organisation of youth and comparison girls allegedly asked if they could watch the argumentative movie final week. One tyro brought a DVD to school. Kristie Long, a health clergyman during Hampshire High School, concluded and showed a film though reviewing a movie’s content. An partner principal was alerted by another adult and stopped a film 10 mins after it started.

Long told propagandize officials she didn’t know what a film was about.

Earlier this week, a Hampshire County propagandize board’s 5 members unanimously voted to postpone Long after scarcely dual hours behind sealed doors. Some wondered because house members indispensable that prolonged to examination a teacher’s box and make a decision.

WOWT reported that a principal pronounced he was surprised that a unequivocally able clergyman such as Long could have had such an “extreme miss of judgment” in this matter. It usually wasn’t a box of her display Fifty Shades of Grey, though it is particularly opposite propagandize process to uncover any movie.

People are wondering how could a clergyman not know about a essence of Fifty Shades of Grey. There had been so most speak about a 3 amorous novella books by E. L. James even before a film was expelled final Valentine’s Day.

Since Long didn’t know what a film was about, some people have speculated that Long substantially has given watched a film to find out because she was dangling though compensate for a residue of a propagandize year. If she does watch Fifty Shades of Grey, she will see that a initial 10 mins enclosed usually a introduction into a movie. Therefore, a students did not see any of a passionate activities that come after in Fifty Shades of Grey. If a partner principal had not stopped a film when she did, a students would have seen most more.

While a clergyman claimed she did not know what a film was about, a students apparently knew what a film was about. After all, one tyro had a DVD of Fifty Shades of Grey.

There are usually a few some-more days left in a propagandize year. While Long’s cessation won’t be that prolonged for a rest of a propagandize year, her pursuit competence be in danger for a subsequent propagandize year.

Do we consider Kristie Long unequivocally didn’t know what Fifty Shades of Grey was all about? Do we consider cessation though compensate for a rest of a propagandize year was fair?

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