The 10 Best-Selling Kindle Fiction Books Of All Time Prove That Christian Grey & Katniss Everdeen Are Unbeatable

November 15, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

November 18 outlines a 10 year anniversary of Amazon’s strange Kindle release, and in respect of a decade of digital reading, we’re pity 10 of a best-selling Kindle books of all time. Featuring thrillers, erotica, immature adult novels and more, we competence be astounded to learn that books you’ve read, and that ones we still need to check off your TBR list.

When the strange Kindle launched in 2007, it was so popular, that it sole out within usually a few hours. Despite sentimental bibliophiles (myself included) who attempted to conflict a technological advances in reading, a iconic e-reader fast took over a book universe and altered a approach interacted with their libraries. Now, 10 years and so many cold and singular updates later, a Kindle in all of a many forms is a favorite among book nerds, even readers like me who swore they’d never make a switch. (What can we say, it’s usually so cold and convenient, how could we not?)

In respect of this iconic learned device’s 10 year anniversary, here are 10 of a many sole Kindle novella books of all time, according to new insights from Amazon Charts common with Bustle. Which ones have we read, and that ones are we adding to your To Be Read pile?

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James

It’s tough to trust that a story creatively created as Twilight fanfiction would go on to turn a bestselling, record-breaking book and film series, though interjection in partial to e-readers like a Kindle, a Fifty Shades trilogy did usually that. The initial installment, Fifty Shades of Grey, owns a #1 mark on Amazon’s list of a bestselling Kindle books of all time, and a erotica’s erotic follow-ups — Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed — explain #5 and #6 respectively. Whatever we competence consider of a series, one thing is clear: readers can’t get adequate of Anastasia and Christian Grey’s ardent (and kinky) adore story.

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Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Kindle’s second all-time bestselling novella array competence have usually as many leather as a first, though a dual couldn’t be any opposite from one another. Suzanne Collins’s immature adult array about a burning heroine and her unstoppable tour to move peace, justice, and leisure to her people dominates Kindle’s list of a many sole novella books during spots #2-4. A fun and extreme review desired by teenagers and adults alike, The Hunger Games trilogy deserves a space on everyone’s digital bookshelf.

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‘Gone Girl: A Novel’ by Gillian Flynn

In her runaway strike Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn introduced readers to one of a many dangerous and compulsively entertaining narrators in torment and thriller history. Her disfigured intrigue murder-mystery was one of a many talked about books of 2012, and now 5 years and one film later, Gone Girl has turn one of a many review books in Kindle history. Sharp, surprising, and oh-so-satisfying, Nick and Amy’s dim adore story is one for a digital ages.

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‘The Girl on a Train’ by Paula Hawkins

When The Girl on a Train strike bookshelves, both earthy and digital, it became an present bestseller. When a film instrumentation starring Emily Blunt was released, Paula Hawkins’s novel saw even some-more adore from readers, and now, it is one of Kindle’s tip 10 many sole novella books of all time. Brimming with mystery, suspense, stirring action, and evocative emotion, The Girl on a Train is a intelligent psychological that keeps Kindle readers fast clicking by a pages until it’s torpedo warn ending.

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‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett

A heartwarming novel about race, class, identity, and a unbreakable bond of womanlike friendship, The Help has found success in all of a many forms. Not usually is a inspirational story a #1 New York Times bestselling novel and an Academy Award-winning film, though Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 work of literary chronological novella also creates a cut on Kindle’s 10 all-time bestseller list, too. A pleasing book featuring some of complicated literature’s many noted women, The Help should be in everyone’s digital library.

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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

The second of usually dual immature adult authors on Kindle’s all-time bestselling novella books list — and a usually masculine author to tip a draft — John Green is a luminary in usually about each area of a book world, including a digital one. His distressing adore story about dual cancer-stricken teens, A Fault in a Stars, has dominated bestseller lists opposite mixed publications and formats given a strange announcement in 2012, and a film chronicle even went on to turn a biggest pre-selling adore story in film history. A square of recommendation for Kindle readers who haven’t downloaded this must-read YA: we competence wish to put on a waterproof case before reading, since it is guaranteed to make we moan nauseous tears, and a lot of them.

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