The 18th-Century Novel That Paved a Way for Fifty Shades

February 27, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

“Good morning,” he said, afterwards sniff-laughed, smiled, and, poking eyeglasses adult a class of his nose, corrected himself: “Good afternoon.” Professor M. looked around a room. Soaking in a miss of promise, he plunged. “The History of a Novel, 1740–2011. Why are those dates significant? Why does a synopsis start with Samuel Richardson, and finish with E.L. James?” Into turn notebooks they write down his each word, as a means of ignoring his each word. “Two novels,” he continued, “built around a same contrivance. Will a pardonable lady obey her trait to a rich master?”

Sniff-laugh; stares. Twenty-three years ago, they’d laughed; now they don’t understand it as a joke.

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