The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Is Already a Hit

January 16, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The winter is hard. It’s cold and waste and dark, a dour preview of what it will be like when a object finally browns out and a universe is expel into permanent night. And once a holidays pass, there’s unequivocally zero to demeanour brazen to. So we need to find things to hearten us up, small oases of fun and entertainment in this differently nightmarish season. Which is because it creates finish clarity that a Fifty Shades of Grey film is apparently Fandango’s fastest-selling advance-ticket R-rated film in a company’s history. Yes. People are unequivocally fervent to see this thing.

And because wouldn’t they be? Based on a unequivocally renouned book, Fifty Shades of Grey tells a moving story of a college comparison who visits a large city on a propagandize journal assignment and finds a whole universe of fad and event there. What a rousing story for these grave winter months. Plus, a film takes place in Seattle, where there isn’t unequivocally snow, so it’ll many be like visiting a pleasant island! I’m certain we can see because so many people are shopping allege tickets to this movie, that comes out on Valentine’s Day weekend.

One thing we wish these snow-mad sheet buyers are prepared for, though, is that I’m told a film will enclose some sex. Yeah, unfortunately partial of what a college comparison finds in a large city, or indeed many of what she finds, is an comparison (but not that most older) businessman who many f–ks her to death. Just unequivocally takes her for a ride, so to speak. Like it’s indeed true adult B.D.S.M. For whatever reason, a vital partial of a story of Fifty Shades of Grey is that this shy immature lady meets a male who boffs her into another dimension. So we worry that moviegoers who usually wish a small escapism and fad to waves them over until a initial crocus pokes a approach out of a earth will find themselves worried when Christian Grey screws Anastasia Steele so entirely that her eyeballs tumble out of her face. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Her eyeballs don’t indeed tumble out in a book, we don’t think.) Those people could be in for utterly a bold startle if they’re not prepared.

Unless . . . You don’t suspect they know, do you? That that competence be why people are so energetically shopping tickets to this thing, faster than for Sex and a City 2 and Gone Girl even? Is it probable that all these people cooped adult in their houses, needlework and examination The Affair, are excitable as hell? That in fact they can’t wait to watch Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson copy a kind of operatic doing-it that one can usually dream about when one is huddled by a radiator, listening to a vicious breeze scream outside? we theory that could be a case. And, hey, wait a second. Valentine’s Day. A regretful holiday, yes, though also a sexy one. Maybe that has something to do with it. It unexpected seems to me that maybe what people wish in a dank, wintry winter is to watch dual pleasing immature people blast any other to dominion come. This feels like a breakthrough.

So, O.K.! If that’s what you’re into, and good God who isn’t, go to Fandango and buy a sheet to this f–kfest! I’ll see we there! Sweet mom of spring, I’ll see we there.

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