The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: What we know and what we don’t

February 5, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Who’s prepared for “50 Shades of Grey” to strike a large screen? Don’t be coy. You know all about a amorous novel by E.L James. You competence have even examination it during your Metro invert interjection to a sorcery of e-readers. In any case, a film instrumentation is headed to theaters on Feb. 13, only in time for Valentine’s Day, and Hollywood Reporter is forecasting a $45 million debut. For some perspective, that’s a small reduction than “Interstellar” done during a opening weekend ($47.5 million), though some-more than “Gone Girl” ($37.5 million).

Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele in “
Fifty Shades of Grey.” (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Chrysalis)

In respect of subsequent week’s opening, here’s a outline of all a sum that have leaked and what we’re still watchful to find out.

What we know:

Jamie Dornan plays eccentric businessman and part-time piano-playing helicopter commander Christian Grey, a Seattle-based businessman and subjugation enthusiast. Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele, a clumsy, virtuous (but, spoiler: not for long!) co-ed who catches Christian’s eye.

The Sunday Times is stating that a 100-minute film contains 20 mins of sex.

Dornan says he won’t be display his “todger” in a movie, that is apparently Irish for penis.

A quite pithy stage from a book involving a tampon will not seem in a movie. Neither will a bizarre-sounding jellyfish sequence that executive Sam Taylor-Johnson unequivocally loved. (“They’re so sexual, jellyfish,” she said.)

Maybe it’s a miss of todger or maybe a default of voluptuous sea life, though a film managed to movement by a MPAA’s examination routine and secure an R rating for “unusual behavior,” that is, frankly, a flattering obscure euphemism.

How surprising is a function exactly? According to Taylor-Johnson, it’s not graphically explicit. “I know that’s going to be unsatisfactory to some people,” she pronounced during an talk with the Guardian. “It’s a build adult and feeling of hold and sensuality. So we don’t consider it goes into a area of porn.”

Scenes that did make a cut: Christian attack a hardware store where Anastasia works in sequence to collect adult reserve for some kind of plan involving rope, wire ties and masking tape.

And a whole meet-cute (meet-kinky?) survived — a ungainly talk scene. Here’s Christian name-dropping literary geniuses like he arrange of knows what he’s articulate about:

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What we don’t know:

Who will play Anastasia’s samba-loving “inner goddess”? (Can we commission Christine Baranski?)

How about her soppy sweeping kill-joy of a conscience?

When a span had to reshoot scenes in October, there were rumblings that it was all due to a miss of electricity between a leads. Is a chemistry between Johnson and Dornan as bad as a rumors?

What happens during a other 80 minutes?

This is a film formed on a book that’s roughly wholly stoical of sex scenes, and there’s no todger? Seriously?

Did Dornan conduct to master a art of looking “speculative” and “taciturn”? How is Johnson’s mid-coital smoothness of “aargh”?

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