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August 5, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

If we revisit Fifty Shades of Grey as a movie, you’ll comprehend that it’s indeed a weirdly close-knit experience, with a whole story tangible by a perspectives of Christian and Ana. That’s to be coming of course. Fifty Shades as a judgment is finish fan servicing fantasy, and any idea that a organisation of three-dimensional, constrained characters be introduced to a brew would expected be laughed off by author, EL James.

That doesn’t meant she didn’t try introducing other characters in Fifty Shades Darker. Most of these characters are in use of solidifying a dual leads, and creation their attribute seem some-more unbreakable, though hey, we won’t demeanour a present equine in a mouth. We can always direct better, so in a face of a arriving Fifty Shades Darker movie, let’s take a demeanour during a characters we’ll see in this sequel, and how they’ll be brought to life as against to their on-the-page counterparts!

Elena Lincoln

Elena Lincoln as she seemed in a books!
Elena Lincoln as she seemed in a books!

I unequivocally wish these characters are approached some-more lovingly in this film than in a book. Sure, a impression like Elena Lincoln is evidently a villain, though she’s also a mincing Mrs Robinson figure who introduced Christian Grey to a BDSM lifestyle. She should be a waggish romp, though a film risks coming her with sarcastic misrepresentation only as Ana does, when so many could be finished with her. My fingers are crossed that Elena turns out to be a kind of knave we can unequivocally enjoy. That’s that. Oh and who could play her? Uh… Julianne Moore. Why not?

Leila Williams

Here’s another instance of how Fifty Shades Darker could gladly be a many stately rabble if it’s means to conflict a titillate to ape a book’s really true faced tone. The impression of Leila Williams could be totally played adult to an roughly parodic degree, and that would be great. What is crazy is a names of actresses removing thrown around willy nilly by news outlets. Kendall Jenner and even Lily Allen have been brought adult for a lolz.

Most shockingly was incessant subsequent large thing, Cara Delvingne being thrown into a brew for carrying a perfect gaul to repost an Instagram from heading lady, Dakota Johnson. You gotta be clever when you’re an “it” girl. One minute, you’re browsing Instagram, a next, you’re carrying to star as a romantic container in a new Fifty Shades of Grey movie!

Jack Hyde

Bad boy!
Bad boy!

I’ve created about what else could be finished with a impression of Jack Hyde here! I’ll make no bid to censor a fact that it would be some-more engaging in Fifty Shades Darker to have Jack Hyde be an agreeable dishy dreamboat rather than a skeezy homogeneous of a fairground user who somehow landed a pursuit as conduct of a edition company. What’s many engaging about this impression is a intensity casting surrounding him. Superman himself, Henry Cavill, was final week outed as a quite disobedient child for heading fans along with rumors that he could be personification Jack Hyde. we have to admire Cavill for being peaceful to play a overly fervent casting-sphere.

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