Time to batten down a hatches and censor a booze, museum owners: We’re usually a small some-more than a month divided from a recover (pun totally intended) of a second film in a not-quite-softcore array of Fifty Shades Of Grey films. Based on a book by E.L. James—whose husband, writer Niall Leonard, wrote a screenplay—Fifty Shades Darker seems to concentration reduction on whips and bondage and some-more on a romantic member of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey’s (Jamie Dornan) newly rekindled relationship.

However, underneath all a ardent lovemaking in an conveyor (and a shower, and afterwards another shower), there’s something sinister afoot—and we don’t meant Dakota Johnson’s weird line smoothness on a word “hungry.” More like stalkers with guns and helicopter crashes.

Fifty Shades Darker opens on Feb 10.