This Real Life "Fifty Shades of Grey" Story Is Actually Pretty Disturbing

December 12, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A lady essay underneath a insincere name Lily Temperley has a new book out call Sex, Lies Banking, detailing what is fundamentally a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey unfolding that happened to her. Turns out it’s a lot creepier in genuine life [via Daily Mail].

According to a book, Temperley was a low-level landowner during one of London’s vital banks. The male she calls Patrick Harrington (excellent voluptuous energy name) was a comparison executive — a married comparison executive. Over several staff celebration outings, Harrington wooed Temperley and talked her into removing cooking with him. He offering her all-expense paid trips and brought her imagination presents. 

“I was really resistant primarily since we knew where it was going to lead, though we eventually only got won over by costly gifts and extraordinary holidays,” she told a Mail, sounding really Anastasia-esque. “I do have my conduct screwed on and we wanted to pursue a career and settle down, though my conduct got turned.”

Like Christian, Harrington revamped her habit with sexy, engineer outfits, and knew all her sizes by heart.

But thereafter shit got creepy.

“Once, we went to a spike salon during work and we came behind with a French manicure,” Temperley said. “He pronounced to me, ‘I told we to get red.’ … He was really controlling.”

He started mouth-watering her to swingers parties and orgies. Eventually, he became so rude that she motionless to quit her job, move, and change her phone series and email residence to get out of a relationship. 

“It valid to be formidable for a good 18 months afterwards,” she said. “He couldn’t hoop that he wasn’t in control of this conditions — he always had to be in control.”

Sounds a lot some-more awful and terrifying than Christian’s amorous energy onslaught with Anastasia’s middle goddess.

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