This video proves ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘High School Musical’ are accurately a same

September 29, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The era that was lifted on Disney’s High School Musical cinema is overtly substantially a same era that indulges in a guilty pleasure Fifty Shades series. And while some competence suppose how most their tastes have changed, they indeed haven’t: looking back, High School Musical and Fifty Shades are a same thing, like, no joke.

Embedded next is a video that proves it, featuring footage from all 3 HSM cinema ideally set against Fifty Shades of Grey’s trailer music, with quotes and dialogues from the HSM cinema extrinsic into a mashup “trailer” in all a right places. But before examination it, seriously, only consider about a series’ sheer similarities: Christian Grey is a billionaire who flattering most owns a world; Troy Bolton is a basketball star who flattering most owns his high school. Anastasia Steele is a excessive good girl; Gabriella Montez is a excessive good girl. Steele’s best crony Kate distrusts Grey; Montez’s best friend, Taylor McKessie, literally plots to reject Troy and Gabriella’s relationship in a initial movie.

And, of course, where Christian Grey is, not to chop words, a terrifying, sociopathic stalker, might we remind we of that stage in a initial HSM in that Troy just appears on Gabriella’s patio while they’re on a phone? In box you’ve somehow lost that scene, which, don’t even lie, done your youth self examination behind in ’05 during slightest a small uncomfortable, fear not since it’s apparently featured in a fan-made trailer below.

One final likeness between a dual array that we’ve forgotten: Fifty Shades is all about perplexing new things, as Steele hurdles herself to enter a universe of BDSM, and Grey eventually hurdles himself to try posterior a “vanilla” attribute with her. As for Troy and Gabriella — they literally met singing “The Start of Something New,” and a whole initial film is about their fear, guilt, and contrition as they start posterior pledge singing careers together.

So, there we have it: High School Musical is a same accurate thing as Fifty Shades of Grey. You will never demeanour during a acronym “HSM” but saying BDSM ever again, and your childhood has strictly been ruined. Sorry, not sorry.

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