Tweets About New ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Book Show People Are Confused About This One Scene

November 30, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Even if we haven’t review a book or watched a cinema yourself, contingency are, you’ve listened about 50 Shades of Grey and a super erotic passages. we mean, a whole grounds of a book is fundamentally that Christian Grey is a rich, prohibited dude who can’t conflict an trusting lady named Anastasia and wants to do very, very eccentric things with her. And Anastasia wants a attribute with him as well. For a many part, it’s all prohibited and erotic stuff. But, there’s one stage in a new book that gets a small weird, and tweets about a new 50 Shades Of Grey book, Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian, uncover us only how uncanny it got.

Basically, a latest installment in a array tells a story from Christian Grey’s perspective, instead of Anastasia’s. The scene in a new book that has people failing involves Anastasia and Christian feeling a lot of passionate tension… while they’re cooking together in a kitchen. The thoroughfare in doubt starts off with this:

Then, Anastasia ~sexily~ grabs some veggies apparently:

Finally, Mr. Grey can’t take Anastasia’s voluptuous unfeeling slicing anymore. And let’s only say, things get serious:


The Twitter frenzy started when Scott Bryan, a TV Editor during BuzzFeed, tweeted a design of a thoroughfare highlighted in a book itself:

This man thinks it’s unequivocally “admirable” that a book followed a “kitchen and food safety” manners so closely.

This man thinks interlude all to put a duck behind in a fridge was overkill.

This lady thinks we need some-more information on how a duck was prepared.

This lady thinks a thread tops a book.

This lady is disturbed about Anastasia’s health.

This man was desirous to get his possess duplicate of a book.

This man has his possess intensity passage.

But his thoroughfare can’t review to this person’s suggestion.

I mean, a partial about a marble effect?! OMG.

This man would go nuts for someone who takes a rabble out during all.

This lady thinks we’ve all been sleeping on regulating “put a duck in a fridge” as a voluptuous line.

In fact, this lady is going to use it as her new go-to line on dating apps.

Scott Bryan came behind to indicate out a even weirder post-coital conversation.

Also, Grey calls Anastasia a “wench,” and I’m, like, flattering grossed out.


Yep, that’s right.

Let me give we a small summation of that final passage. Basically, Christian says he doesn’t cook. Then, Anastasia gives him some veggies and a blade anyway, and he literally has no thought what to do. He also thinks to himself, “They are such a uncanny shape,” that leads me to trust he’s never even seen a vegetable, most reduction chopped one.

At that point, she asks him if he’s ever chopped a vegetable. He certified he hasn’t (again, what??), and then, Anastasia gets a small self-satisfied and flirty (classic Anastasia).

Anyway, we wish we suffer a rest of your life never being means to demeanour during a duck or a unfeeling a same approach ever again.

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