UIC tyro privileged in purported ’50 Shades of Grey’ passionate assault

March 19, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A tyro personality during a University of Illinois during Chicago was privileged of a rape assign Thursday by a Cook County decider in a box that had drawn courtesy given he was indicted of re-enacting scenes from a film “50 Shades of Grey.”

Judge Peggy Chiampas found no illusive means after a extensive rough conference in that a purported plant testified.

The defendant, Mohammad Hossain, 19, a biology student, was expelled from control Thursday evening. He had been hold in protecting control during a Cook County Jail given his detain final month.

UIC tyro charged with passionate attack says he was re-enacting 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

As he left a jail, Hossain denied intimately assaulting anyone. He pronounced had schooled to be clever about whom he can trust and now was focused on completing his education, either during UIC or somewhere else.

“All that unequivocally matters is apropos a doctor,” he said. “I have one idea in mind, and that’s what I’ll set my heart to.”

His 19-year-old accuser, a chemistry vital during UIC, testified for some-more than 90 mins Thursday, during times wringing her hands as she told a decider her confront with Hossain on Feb. 21 was consensual during initial though that she told him to stop and began great after he strike her tough with a belt.

“I was saying, ‘No, stop,’ jolt my conduct from side to side,” she said.

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“He said, ‘I wish to see how most we can take,'” she testified. “He said, ‘I wish to see we cry.'”

Hossain’s counsel and a prosecutor had finished doubt a lady when a decider had several questions of her own. Chiampas asked if a lady had pronounced anything to Hossain when he firm her wrists or while he allegedly intimately assaulted her. She answered no to both questions.

Two of Hossain’s womanlike friends jumped adult and screamed in a run of a Leighton Criminal Court Building after training of a judge’s ruling.

Outside court, Hossain’s attorney, Joshua Kutnick, told reporters his customer was “happy that a law is entrance out.”

“It was clearly shown that this occurrence was consensual,” he said. “It was dual college students who were carrying a passionate confront and that’s all that it was.”

Prosecutors have not motionless either they competence still find an complaint opposite Hossain, a beginner who contended a sex was consensual.

“Generally speaking, non-stranger passionate attack or familiarity rape cases benefaction singular hurdles and can be formidable to infer due to a fact that prosecutors contingency contend with invulnerability assertions that a plant consented to a sex act or acts and there are typically no witnesses to a crime,” Sally Daly, a mouthpiece for a Cook County state’s attorney’s office, pronounced in a statement.

“Having pronounced that, a charges in this box were brought in good faith formed on a justification available, and in a perspective a plant supposing really frank and convincing testimony during today’s hearing,” a matter continued. “In light of today’s statute we will continue to weigh a authorised options relocating forward.”

The lady testified that she had met Hossain as beginner final tumble and they shortly became “friends with benefits,” spasmodic carrying sex. She testified that they had formerly experimented with bondage, with Hossain restraining her hands together with a rubber rope before they had sex in a open tyro lounge.

The lady pronounced she had only finished examination a “Fifty Shades of Greyfilm by herself downtown on Feb. 21 when she perceived a content from Hossain seeking if she wanted to hang out. They met in a tyro lounge, and Hossain asked her about a film.

“I pronounced that it was a good film though that towards a finish it frightened me given a categorical impression had a mental issue,” she said.

The dual went to Hossain’s room. As she sat on a corner of his bed, “he asked me if we wanted to do something dangerous,” a lady testified.

She testified that she suspicion during initial he was referring to one of a “adventures” a dual would go on, exploring a city or once articulate all night while sitting on a campus building edge 20 feet off a ground.

Hossain refused to tell her what he had in mind though told her to disrobe, blindfolded her with a weave top and afterwards tied her hands above her conduct to his roommate’s lofted bed regulating belts, she said. He afterwards firm her ankles together with a belt, put a necktie over her mouth as a gag, undressed her and began attack her gently with a belt.

All of a activity was consensual, she testified. But afterwards Hossain told her he wanted her to conflict and struck her so tough it hurt, a lady testified, and she began to tell him no, to shake her head, to tell him he was spiteful her.

When she managed to get a palm free, he retrieved another belt from his closet and tied it again. Eventually he private her hands from a bindings, pinned her arms to her behind and intimately assaulted her, a lady testified.

She denied they were re-enacting scenes from “Fifty Shades” and pronounced she didn’t know what Hossain meant when he told her he wanted her to resist.

“The dual of we were role-playing a movie, correct?” Kutnick asked during cross-examination.

“I didn’t see it that way,” she replied.


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