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November 14, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Universal Studios has finally expelled a full trailer to Fifty Shades of Grey.

A array of teaser trailers heading adult to a Valentine’s Day 2015 recover have been debuted given filming. However, a central trailer was expelled during a blurb mangle of a renouned ABC series, Scandal, this evening.

As Forbes points out, a pairing of Scandal and Fifty Shades of Grey creates ideal clarity from a demographic standpoint.

“The demographics are developed for a picking, and we can’t suppose anyone who turns into Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal would get annoyed by a trailer for Universal’s underline film instrumentation of E.L. James’s BDSM-tinged Twilight fan-fiction novels.”

E! News was entirely tender with a central trailer and thinks it will keep fans vehement about a Feb film release.

“Fans of a rarely expected erotica instrumentation got a hide look of a film behind in July, though tonight, we were means to see some-more of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s voluptuous on-screen chemistry, providing an even bigger provoke for what’s to come once Feb rolls along… Giving a glance from their initial communication to their blossoming intrigue to drifting in Charlie Tango and creation use of Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain (oooh), fans will find themselves really confident (no joke intended… OK, maybe a little) with a latest trailer.”

The trailer facilities both Dornan and Johnson display tidbits of their attribute as it unfolds. The trailer also facilities music by Beyoncé withdrawal many fans already observant they will be purchasing a soundtrack.

Did a central Fifty Shades Of Grey' Releases New Trailer With Shirtless Jamie Dornan [Video]" href="">Fifty Shades of Grey trailer live adult to your expectations?

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