Watch a initial trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, a film about corner assets

September 12, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The initial teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, a final installment in Universal’s wildly profitable instrumentation of E.L. James’ pap intrigue series, is here. Thank goodness! The film was shot during a same time as final year’s Fifty Shades Darker (which The Verge’s systematic analysis found was indeed 94 shades darker). These dual films were destined by James Foley, following Sam Taylor-Johnson’s abdication from a authorization after a initial installment.

Fifty Shades Freed is set to be expelled on Valentine’s Day weekend 2018, and a full trailer — that will presumably be accompanied by a voluptuous remix of a famous voluptuous song, or a new voluptuous strain by a famous chairman whose “thing” isn’t exactly sex interest yet though could be their subsequent rebrand — is entrance in November.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey: a authority for aliens

For now, this teaser gives us usually a lax thought of what comes subsequent for Ana Steele and Christian Grey, dual oddball lovebirds who got intent during a finish of a final film. Ana will store a marriage dress on a chandelier; Ana will be gay to know that she now co-owns a private jet; Ana will be reduction gay to learn that she co-owns a gun; and Ana will be in some arrange of grave earthy danger. Perhaps a earthy risk has something to do with a male who illuminated a print of Christian on glow in a final seconds of Fifty Shades Darker, concurrently staring opposite a pool during his firework-backlit marriage proposal. It was really subtle, so it’s unfit to contend for certain either this is a case.

It is also tough to trust that this will be a final Fifty Shades film, given how most money a first two done and generally deliberation how prolonged every franchise marketed to boys gets to drag on. There is one unadapted E.L. James novel told from a viewpoint of Christian Grey instead of Ana, though so distant there are no skeleton to adjust it. That’s expected since it contains all of a events of a initial Fifty Shades book, rewritten from a indicate of perspective of an intensely self-serious man. Damn.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day, a final good one.

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