Welp, Maybe The "Fifty Shades" Reshoots Are a Bad Sign After All

October 24, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The expel and organisation of a stirring Fifty Shades of Grey film returned to Vancouver final week to film some reshoots — Jamie Dornan wore a suit, Dakota wore a frowzy cardigan, they done out in a woods somewhere. It all sounds lovely; as remarkable during a time, reshoots are a common occurrence in a film business (as a post-production routine comes together, editors competence confirm they need a few some-more moments of Anastasia looking diffident here and there, or an additional shot of a voluptuous whip enormous in slow-mo).

Unfortunately, a new news in this week’s Us Weekly [via The Daily Mail] says things are a small some-more critical than that. Contradicting progressing reports that there was “hot chemistry” on set, a source told Us that there has been “an deficiency of heat” between Christian and Ana onscreen. And while other reports did contend a film would be “more intrigue than sexual,” that’s now a problem; there’s reportedly not adequate “passionate” footage.

Dakota Johnson, in particular, “isn’t entrance off voluptuous enough.” Get prepared for a sassy, good quote from a unknown source: “‘Ana needs to be naive, not a dishrag.” That said, there’s substantially an evidence to make that Ana’s lenient tour toward embracing her “inner goddess” starts with dishrag status. She only can’t stay that damp and mopey for a whole film’s duration, obviously.

A orator for a studio refuted a reports, saying, “No one should doubt a feverishness or power of a actors.” And Us‘s source does contend that a expel are “determined” to get things right and raunchy before Fifty Shades strike cinemas — which, we guess, means Jamie and Dakota will only have to keep creation out for a camera until they get it right. There are worse jobs out there.

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