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January 14, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The third installment of a Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, hits theaters on Feb. 9, and we are here for it. According to a splendidly sexy trailer and what we know from a book version, Fifty Shades Freed deals with incomparable issues that arise in Ana and Christian’s life after their marriage. It wouldn’t be a Fifty Shades film but a small drama, and Gia Matteo (played by Arielle Kebbel) gives us only a right amount. Who is this character, we ask? We’ve got a mud you’re looking for to waves we over until a movie’s premiere.

Who is Gia Matteo?

Gia is an designer (a really beautiful architect) whom Christian and Ana sinecure to assistance with their new home. In E.L. James’s book, Gia is described as high and well-developed with “salon-blonde” hair. She’s a torpedo designer with connectors to Christian’s family, privately Christian’s comparison brother, Elliot. At one point, Ana even refers to Gia as “Miss-Provocative-and-Unfortunately-Good-at-Her-Job,” so we can suppose Ana’s initial feelings about her.

What’s her energetic with Ana?

Ana and Gia get off to a hilly start after Ana watches Gia coquette with Christian during a home consultation. Though Christian seems worried with Gia’s advances and amused by Ana’s reaction, Ana still tells Gia she will glow her if she continues. Whether or not Gia is into Christian is beside a point; her impression acts as some-more of a lightning rod for Ana’s jealousy and newly found certainty as a newly determined Mrs. Grey. It seems that Ana takes out her disappointment with a attribute Christian has with other women (ahem Mrs. Robinson) on Gia.

What happens with her storyline?

Aside from inciting Ana’s middle green-eyed monster, Gia also ignites a small play between Elliot and Kate. In a book, Gia and Elliot have a ephemeral intrigue before Elliot meets Ana’s best friend, Kate Kavanaugh. Photogs have snapped images of a actors personification Gia and Elliot kissing during filming, that leads us to trust a film is going to play adult their past romance. Only time will tell. We can contend that whatever twists Gia’s storyline ends adult taking, viewers will suffer a ride.

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