Who Keeps Bringing All These Vegetables to Fifty Shades Screenings?

March 12, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

As Fifty Shades stupidity swirls around us once some-more following a recover of a second film in a trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker, a doubt contingency be asked: Who keeps bringing all these vegetables to a theaters where Christian Grey and Anastasia are removing it on?

On Wednesday, Mashable reported that an worker of a Hayden Orpheum film museum in Sydney, Australia, detected an deserted cucumber in an aisle after a screening of Fifty Shades Darker. The museum posted a print of it to Facebook:

Marketing stunt? Maybe, generally given in a photo, someone is holding a unfeeling with their unclothed hands — that we wouldn’t do with any food object we found on a ground, most reduction one that a foreigner possibly/probably/definitely had used in an insinuate manner. And yet, “Hand on my heart, it was indeed found after a Student Night event of Fifty Shades on Monday night (actually by me!),” a theater’s Deputy General Manager Alex Temesvari insisted to Mashable by email.

This post-Fifty Shades unfeeling sighting is not an removed incident. Twitter user Steve Gaughan posted this print of dual forlorn-looking cucumbers fibbing on a building of a museum after a display of a movie:

One year ago, after a recover of a initial Fifty Shades movie, Snapchats of cucumbers sitting in film museum seats were posted to Tumblr:

Ladies — and whoever else is desirous to move furnish to knowledge E. L. James’s work brought to life — there are so many improved ways to suffer yourself than by use of vegetables. Like vibrating underwear! Or teeny-tiny bullets! Whether these shots have been staged or are genuine justification of indeterminate masturbatory practices, they’re reminding me irrepressibly of Amy Schumer’s possess accessorized speed to a initial Fifty Shades movie, that I’ll leave here to enthuse we all to consider over a cucumber.

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