Why ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Might Be Bad For Your Health

September 25, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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By Tom Jacobs

Is reading a Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy dangerous to women’s health? A Michigan State University study expelled final month suggested as much; it found a couple between reading a best-selling novels about a sadomasochistic attribute and eating disorders, binge drinking, mixed sex partners, and being in a verbally violent relationship.

That’s utterly a wince-inducing list. But a investigate couldn’t contend either a books indeed desirous such behavior, or either women captivated to such diseased behaviors were some-more expected to review a novels.

Another recently published study, from Illinois State University, suggests a books’ impact is a lot some-more benign. It serve finds that, during slightest among one organisation of college-age women, a novels indeed seem to be something of a turn-off.

“We did find that those who chose to review Fifty Shades had stronger passionate desires than those who had not review a books, privately those who rarely identified with a categorical character,” psychologists Marla Reese-Weber and Dawn McBride write in a biography Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

“However, we did not find an boost in passionate behaviors or desires after reading a books. Instead, we found a diminution in passionate behaviors after reading a books, quite for those who did not brand with a categorical character.”

The investigate featured 91 womanlike university students who reported that they had review a books, and another 49 who concluded to review a initial dual of a set privately for this experiment. All filled out a minute petition about their passionate practice and desires, including how mostly they had intent in 15 specific passionate behaviors, including being tied up, spanked, and blindfolded. Those in a second organisation filled it out twice, before and after reading a initial dual books. All participants also voiced a grade to that they could describe to a executive womanlike character.

“Our formula showed that those who had review a books reported aloft passionate desires than those who had not review a books,” a researchers write. “However, a formula did not uncover differences for passionate self-respect or passionate behaviors between those who had selected to review a books and those who had not.”

Furthermore, those who review a books for a functions of a investigate did not news a lot of amorous fires were lit. “We found a diminution in passionate behaviors after reading a Fifty Shades books, and no change in passionate self-respect or passionate desire,” a researchers write.

The researchers assume that participants “who did not brand with a categorical womanlike impression might have judged her passionate function negatively, and decreased their passionate function as a response.”

So novel — and, yes, we’re regulating a tenure really loosely here — affects opposite people in opposite ways. But in annoy of CNN stories about spikes in sales of sex toys, a avowal that these really renouned books have indeed desirous a poignant series of people to learn the joys of SM is, during this point, rarely questionable.

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