Why is Taylor Swift on a ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ soundtrack? Here are 5 theories.

December 9, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Taylor Swift (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Out of nowhere late Thursday night, Taylor Swift and ex-One Directioner Zayn forsaken a singular called “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” Written by a cocktail megastar herself, along with Jack Antonoff and Sam Dew, a strain is from a soundtrack of “Fifty Shades Darker,” a arriving supplement to “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Within hours, a pop-dance lane was a No. 1 worldwide trending subject on Twitter and No. 1 on iTunes. (“Well that escalated quickly,” Swift wrote on Instagram, as if she didn’t know that would happen.)

As Swift has turn one of a many absolute celebrities in a world, she’s famously process about her multi-million dollar brand, and meticulously chooses her collaborators and projects. So because did a calculatedly proper star confirm to minister to a film formed on a best-selling erotica array that delves into a finer points of sadomasochism? And with Zayn, of all people? We have a few theories.

1) The “Fifty Shades” soundtracks are legit.

Although a books and cinema are understandably ridiculed, a soundtrack from a initial film is impressive. Fueled with marks from Beyonce, Sia, Ellie Goulding and The Weeknd, it was a outrageous success in 2015 and sole about 2.2 million copies. What improved approach for Swift to continue to conquer a whole tellurian strain attention than get in on a strike franchise?

2) She wants to EGOT.

Swift has a garland of Grammys. And an Emmy (really.) Now all she needs is a Tony and an Oscar. Hey, The Weeknd was nominated for best strange strain during a Academy Awards final year for his “Fifty Shades” soundtrack contribution, “Earned It,” so. . . it could happen.

3) She’s doing a preference for Gigi Hadid.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel is one of Swift’s closest friends, and we’re broke for we if we don’t know Hadid is dating Zayn. Anyway, Zayn separate from One Direction final year and expelled his solo entrance plan in March. While it debuted during No. 1, a hum has quieted, generally given his pound singular “Pillowtalk.” What improved approach to lift his form than combine with T-Swift?

4) She’s holding a mangle between albums while still raking in $$$.

Swift recently done headlines as a highest-paid musician of 2016, earning $170 million. . . and she hasn’t expelled an manuscript given 2014. It doesn’t matter — she can take time off from furloughed and still move in a dough, interjection to essay for other acts. She wrote her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’s strike “This is What You Came For” as good as Little Big Town’s “Better Man,” that is behaving solidly on a nation charts.

5) She wanted to give her observation open a benefaction for a holidays.

Well that was good of her! And no, not a tangible song. We meant a present of permitting us to assume on a puzzling mechanics behind it. What do Swift and Zayn speak about behind sealed doors: His ex-bandmate and her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles? The time Zayn done fun of Swift on Twitter and Calvin Harris jumped in to urge her? Did Zayn have to apologize? The possibilities are endless.


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