Will Smith Only Topped Box Office Because ‘Fifty Shades’ Bottomed Out

March 5, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

There has been copiousness of discuss among box box bureau pundits about either or not Will Smith’s Focus was a success by trait of a $18.69 million entrance weekend. It’s many reduce than a customary Will Smith star vehicle, though a criminal artist hop (co-starring Margot Robbie) was not a required fantasy-laden, FX-filled, PG-13 journey film. Now carrying pronounced that, Will Smith became a biggest film star in a universe precisely since he was means to get a far-reaching accumulation of genre films to boffo opening weekends. But putting that aside for a moment, some of a conversation has focused on a fact that Will Smith’s Focus (Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.) in-fact topped a box bureau final weekend, and that in itself is means for jubilee or merit. Last weekend is as good an instance as any as to because weekend box bureau arrange is a mostly capricious figure. To wit, if Fifty Shades of Grey (Universal/Comcast Corp.) had anything imitative legs past a opening weekend, it expected would have been a tip film over a final 3 weekends instead of usually a entrance support over Presidents Day. Focus being on tip was reduction about Focus and some-more about a debility of a competition.

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Fifty Shades of Grey was a tip film over a entrance weekend, earning a boiling $93 million over a initial 4 days of domestic release, including $85.1m over a Fri-Sun frame. The film forsaken 73.9% in a second weekend, earning usually $22.25m over a second weekend. That 73.9% dump was a biggest dump ever for a film on some-more than 3,500 screens and second usually to Friday a 13th (-80% in weekend dual also off of President’s Day weekend) for releases on 3,000 or some-more screens. Heck, it was a eighth-biggest dump for a film on some-more than 2,000 screens. Point being, had a film forsaken a rather some-more “reasonable” 60%, that second weekend would have been $34m on a second weekend. Had it forsaken by another 45%, it would have finished a third weekend with $18.7m, that would have been usually adequate to give Focus a run for a money. Now apparently if apples were oranges they’d be called oranges. But a fact stays that if Fifty Shades of Grey had shown any genuine staying energy past a opening weekend it may-well have dominated a initial 3 weekends instead of a initial two. And then, had Fifty Shades pulled a $20m+ third weekend, would a accurate same $18.69m that Focus earned be looked during in a some-more disastrous light quite due to capricious rankings?

But let’s contend that instead SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water (Paramount/Viacom Inc.) opened a initial weekend in Feb it instead drops a weekend after President’s Day. Presuming it creates a same $55.3m weekend, a particular 43% second weekend dump would have given it $31m, that would have been some-more than adequate to best Focus final weekend. But charcterised films, even those that open big, tend to have improved legs than many films, generally fan-centric authorization films. The crux of a matter is that what film tops a box bureau in a given weekend is generally a matter of what a biggest film that is new on a given weekend happens to be. Yes there are “slow” weekends, such as a post-Presidents Day weekend where The Duff and McFarland, USA earned $11m on their particular debuts. Yes there are films that open so outrageous and so distant above a foe (think The Avengers or The Dark Knight) that it takes them a weekend or dual to dump to where a subsequent large recover will pass them in a rankings. Or maybe we have a mega film that opens during an differently delayed period, contend a final weekend in Mar (The Hunger Games) or a initial weekend in Apr (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), that is means to tip a box bureau quite due to a miss of big-scale competition.

I’m pretty certain that Furious 7 can take a nose dive in a second weekend and still substantially top every weekend in Apr save for a potentially large entrance of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (remember, Paul Blart: Mall Cop debuted with $31 million over a Fri-Sun entrance in Jan 2009). If it drops usually after a opening weekend though stays on tip until Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, it will be reduction about Furious 7‘s staying energy and some-more about a miss of competition. Had Focus opened against Fifty Shades of Grey or against SpongeBob 2 or even a weekend progressing than it did, or had Fifty Shades of Grey had something imitative staying energy past is initial 4 days, the Will Smith/Margot Robbie film expected would have done that same $18.69m (give or take continue conditions) and finished adult ranked series dual for a weekend. Would that have automatically done a same film, during a same cost and with a same opening weekend outcome an involuntary failure? It shouldn’t obviously. And Focus‘s ultimate box bureau predestine will be dynamic in a weeks forward in terms of how many it creates here and abroad (it warranted around $13m abroad final weekend). We don’t nonetheless know if Will Smith’s new film is a hit. But a success or disaster has zero to do with either it surfaced a box bureau over a initial 3 days of release. That’s usually a matter of scheduling.

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