Women’s shelters launch protest of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film sequel

January 31, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

January 31, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Feminists, women’s shelters, and anti-pornography groups in a U.S., Canada and Australia have started a protest opposite a soft-porn BDSM film 50 Shades Darker, claiming it glamorizes male-on-female assault and oppression.

The U.S. protest is led by a National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Culture Reframed. The latter group’s owner and president, Wheelock College sociologist Dr. Gail Dines, told LifeSiteNews that a books and cinema seductiveness to teenage and immature adult women and “socialize them to trust that normal sex involves a oppression, dehumanization, and plunge of women by men.”  

On a webpage, Culture Reframed carries a statistical claims that a normal age that boys initial perspective publishing is 11, that 35 percent of all Internet downloads are pornographic, and, many tellingly, that 88 percent of a scenes in “top-rented and downloaded porn enclose assault opposite women.”

The film, due to be expelled a second week of February, is a supplement to a hugely successful 50 Shades of Grey, that cost $44 million to make and grossed Universal Pictures International-NBC some-more than $500 million. The cinema are formed on a array of best-selling novels by E.L. James.

Noted an commendatory Salon article in 2015: “The aged probity of aloft functions is being transposed by a new morality, centered on tellurian self-fulfillment. According to this fast advancing worldview, a purpose of sex is pleasure, and fulfilling sex is an critical component of many people’s ubiquitous life experience.”

What can a debate propelling people to skip a film and give $50 to a women’s preserve (#50DollarsNot50Shades) grasp opposite that kind of impact? First, says Canadian debate executive Jennifer Dunn of a London (Ontario) Abused Women’s Centre, “It will be inestimable if we usually assistance one lady who feels she is alone” equivocate or quarrel her approach out of an aroused attribute such as a one decorated in a cinema and books.

But second, a protest is partial of “awareness raising,” says Dunn, that will lead a open “one step during a time” toward open policies that will repudiate a entrance giveaway publishing that children now are available around a Internet.

Dr. Dines remarkable that campaigns opposite celebration and pushing and smoking began tiny with consciousness-raising though grew to have a vital change on open function and on laws.

“This is a open health issue,” she told LifeSiteNews.

Not all girls and women who watch 50 Shades Darker will enter aroused family any some-more than all people who splash and expostulate means accidents. But that doesn’t make possibly emanate a personal one only.

“Consider a impact of one motorist who drinks and afterwards causes an accident, not usually on his possess life and health though on a lives of many other people,” she said.

The graduation of assault in family has a identical impact on a lives of women and children, she said, as demonstrated in all a women seeking retreat in women’s shelters — and those who never make it that far.

Fifty Shades promotes a thought of assault as romantic. But women in aroused family don’t finish adult like a heroine in a books and movie,” Dr. Dines said. “They finish adult dead.”

Dr. Anne Hendershott, professor of sociology and executive of a Veritas Center during Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, pronounced this form of function also indemnification healthy marriages “because it opens a doorway to a third intent of desire”— a anticipation that “can meddle with a dyadic adore attribute between a married masculine and woman” by formulating  “a longing or a longing for ever-greater sources of pleasure — a longing that can't be confident by normal marital relations.”

The debate webpage, FiftyShadesIsAbuse.com, offers several ways for supporters to widespread their views, including a Facebook organisation and several memes such as one that states ”The Lie: 50 Shades Darker is about a adore affair. The Truth: 50 Shades Darker is about abuse, violence, and bathing a immature lady for sadistic sex.”

It also provides links to women’s shelters and conversing agencies and a hashtag, #50DollarsNot50Shades, to inspire donations to these groups.

Dr. Dines pronounced a seductiveness of immature women in a books and cinema stems partly from a enterprise for larger cognisance with their partners.

“This is a age of hookups and infrequent sex but dating,” she said. “But Christian [the aroused masculine protagonist] isn’t being intimate. He is stalking.”

Universal Pictures International-NBC had no comment. The American bureau did not respond.

Late final year, a Canadian House of Commons unanimously upheld a suit directing a health cabinet to investigate a open health impact of Internet pornography.


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