Zayn Malik Shoots Sexy, Rainy Music Video In London For His 50 Shades Of Grey Collab With Taylor Swift!

January 8, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Hot, hot, hot… and wet!!!

Zayn Malik spent Saturday night on a streets of London sharpened scenes for a moist song video that’ll be his collab on a new lane for a Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack alongside Taylor Swift!

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Pictured putting in work on a streets of London outward a St. Pancras Hotel (above) final night, Zayn did his thing in a sleet and alongside some voluptuous automobile candy — so we can usually suppose how a finished product will demeanour when it comes out in due time!!

Taylor is collaborating on a lane with Zayn, and presumably will have some purpose in a song video, yet she did not seem to be around anywhere final night on a London streets.

Nevertheless, mixed reports reason that Taylor’s reps were on set, so presumably she’ll be really concerned subsequent to Zayn!!!

One watcher who speckled Zayn putting in late-night work for a camera told a media:

“Zayn was recording a video for I Don’t Want To Live Forever. We saw Zayn walking towards a set and him recording a take outward though we had no possibility to see Taylor. Her government group were during a hotel though there was no pointer of her – not even any cinema of her in London.”


It’s still going to be a good song video, we can be certain — and it should mangle VERY large with a film coming, too!

We’ll positively have some-more on this as it’s expelled after on in 2017…

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